A3Mark Upload your Results - Version 1

Here, you can upload and evaluate your seismic attribute cubes as many times as needed on the train dataset. You will see how your attribute compares against other published attributes per ground truth category and decide whether to publish your results or not. You may publish your results several times on the train dataset and see them in the temporary table on the submit page for comparative purposes. Only the latest results will be presented in the permanent table in the evaluation page.

Your results on test datasets are allowed to be uploaded and published once you have gone through the train dataset and published the results. Also, in order to prevent fitting to the test datasets, results can be uploaded only once and cannot be viewed until after they are published. All attempts to publish results more than once will be rejected.

Additional information per attribute can be provided as long as you have published at least one result for that attribute.

User authentication

  • User authentication is requested before you upload the attribute results. Please send us an email (a3mark@idi.ntnu.no) giving your full name, organisation, email, phone, web link, and experience description (e.g. Male person with 15 years interpretation experience using XYZ.com_attribute system). Upon being (manually) authorized, you will receive a username and can submit as many results as you want.


  • Please make sure that the information you provide is correct.
  • For the edge/fault category, you may upload a seismic attribute either in discrete or in continuous form. The difference is that the threshold for distinguishing edge/fault is specified either by you/us.
  • The ground truths for dip angle and dip azimuth polar are in XYZ space, not IJK space. We provide a utility «DipAzimuthIJK2XYZ» for unit conversion from IJK space to XYZ space.
  • We noticed that some seismic attributes have less traces than the downloaded datasets because of attribute calculation. If you upload anyway, the missing traces will be filled with 0 automatically. If you want to specify the value for the missing traces, please use this utility «FillMissingTraces».

Attribute upload
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Additional information per attribute
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