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Seismic attribute computation is one of the most active research and engineering topics in the computational geophysics world. Although numerous algorithms for seismic attribute computation have been developed, relatively little work has been done on scientifically characterizing their quality and accuracy. Here, we present a robust and reliable scientific process to functionally compare similar attributes. Our goal is to scientifically guide seismic attribute consumer choices.
This website accompanies our papers [1][2]. A simple recipe on how to perform the A3Mark benchmark of attributes is as follows:
  • Download the train and test datasets.
  • Generate the seismic attribute cubes on the downloaded datasets using existing or new seismic attribute algorithms.
  • Upload your generated seismic attribute cubes through submission page to our framework.
  • Evaluation results in numerical metrics and visual figures will be presented in evaluation page automatically.
How to cite the materials on this website:

We grant permission to use and publish all images and numerical results on this website. If you use our datasets and report performance results, we request that you cite our paper [1].
If you want to cite this website, please use the URL "a3mark.idi.ntnu.no".


[1] L. Xing, N. Salman, V. Aarre, T. Theoharis, E. Tjåland. A3Mark: A Publicly Available Online Web Service for Seismic Attribute Benchmarking. 86th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, October 2016.

[2] An enxtended paper was submitted to a top level journal and now in publication pending. Please watch this space.


Support for this work was provided in part by NTNU and Schlumberger AS.

  • Evaluation results appearing on A3Mark are for scientific purposes only and have been derived from information submitted by third parties. We do not warrant the correctness and accuracy of any information provided by any third party or the estimates derived from this information.
  • Any result analysis within A3Mark is that of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of NTNU or Schlumberger AS. The result analysis does not constitute advice. It is your own responsibility to consider its appropriateness with regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs before making any decision.